The Hucksters Self Released “From Beyond the Grave” and “Godstruck Youth”

The Hucksters’ very own Chase Ford is a prolific song writer, pumping out songs like he’s a spigot. While away serving a mission for his church, he has found time to write and record several songs via cassette-tape recorder. The results are remarkable.

Enjoy the new tracks below!



Seminole Roots’ debut album “Optimist Hearts” is now available

In April of 2012, Seminole Roots began recording their album titled “Optimist Hearts” at War Artist Records. Nearly a year of life has been transfered through the microphones, into the computer and into these songs. We are proud to announce the release of Optimist Hearts. An album that is so beautiful and mind-blowing; not in an experimental or avant garde way, but in songwriting and arrangement.

This long awaited album is available for download on Seminole Roots’ bandcamp page.  You can also listen to the songs right here:

The Hucksters release their new single “God From the Machine” on War Artist Records


Known and loved by many in the Rexburg area, the boisterous and noisy rock trio the Hucksters are recording an album at War Artist Records.  Tonight, at Sammy’s Cafe, they play with Provo band Vanladylove at 8pm.  Come join the fun and be ready to hear their new single tonight on their Facebook page

SLUG magazine reviews Aaron Turley’s TV KID album


This dude is a diamond in a rough—a rough that is more famous for having tube vegetables than downtempo, garage folk musicians. Idaho native Aaron Turley creates music that sounds more at home in a basement venue on the East Coast. In TV Kid, Turley starts up with the “Strummy Sun,” which, due to the nonchalant, woozy vocalizing and modest guitar formulas, plays like a late Strokes B-side. The latter tracks take on a pacifying shift, prominently in “Contradiction,” which introduces more electronic production and a muzzling distortion on his vocals, giving his lyrics the intonation of a lulling voicemail message. The folk element becomes more obvious in the hazy and weary ballad “Like Summer.” If fellow natives Build to Spill were powerful enough to cultivate a sizable music scene in Idaho, then I could safely assume Aaron Turley has the talent to take it a step further. –Gregory Gerulat

The June issue of Salt Lake City’s SLUG magazine posted a review of Aaron Turley’s TV KID album, to read other reviews or check out the magazine, go to

Austin Dixon – Luna EP to be released on War Artist Records

In Rexburg, Idaho, musician Austin Dixon is well known; running a music festival in-town does that I guess.  But Austin is more than just a music promoter, he’s a musician at heart.  His most recent EP “Luna” shows his passion for music and his accomplished musicianship; playing all instruments on the album, including wowing drum lines that mix seamlessly into the texture of the mix.

Download “Arches” from the Luna Ep here on War Artist Record’s Bandcamp page.

Download the Luna EP here.

Pictures from Aaron Turley’s TV KID release show (1/12/12)

thanks to Chase Muncy and Daniel Watkins for these pictures!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Aaron’s TV Kid album, pick it up at or on iTunes.


You press play on the remote, the button lights up.  The speakers blare at you; synthesizers and electronic drums jump out of the speakers, crisp and calculated.  Suddenly you’re surrounded by a world of plastic,with the artificial glow of a flickering screen and tungsten filaments flitting across your eyes.  TV Kid, available Jan 12th on War-Artist Records is the first solo effort of songwriter Aaron Turley, front man and guitarist of band The Living Poets, shining light on a life lit by the eerie glow of the TV screen.  Aaron steps comfortably out of his element on this album and becomes king of the new domain of the synthesizer.  Although his keyboard parts aren’t technically thrilling, his ability to write songs in the unfamiliar format speaks volumes.  Aaron’s droney bass riffs on TV Kid give echoes from artists such as the Cure, New Order and Pinback; the bass work on TV Kid is truly phenomenal.  Guitars are crisp, electric, warmly glowing and dripping with a sweet glaze of overdrive, at times disguised in swirling layers of electronic effects.  The lyrics too, have a more polished and plasticine feel than other of his efforts, projecting images into our minds of plastic wrap, late nights in college apartments listening to records, and later nights with the friendship of a glowing TV. Look for this amazing release on this site or on Aaron’s bandcamp page on Jan 12th, 2012.  Listen to a few tracks from the album here: